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May 3rd 2011

Dipping in to CouchDB

CouchDB is a database made of the web. It's a JSON-storin’, webapp hostin’, HTTP-talkin’, data-replicatin’, map-reducin’ machine. It's worth considering for many kinds of applications, including,…

Dec 13th 2011

The wonders of VIM

Feb 19th 2013

Automate ALL the things

Have legions of obedient servers at your beck and call. Build your IT infrastructure out of bamboo. Never repeat yourself. Have confidence in your systems. Work in clean, consistent development environments.…

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Shifting Gears

Apr 24th 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Mar 27th 2012

March Madness

Mar 12th 2012

Node/Backbone Hacknight

Feb 28th 2012

Starting Up

Jan 31st 2012

Kicking Off Twenty Twelve

Dec 13th 2011

Igniting December

Oct 11th 2011

October HackNight

Jul 19th 2011

Digital Summer

May 3rd 2011

Branding and CouchDB

Mar 22nd 2011

Tales of the Steamship

Nov 30th 2010

Programmatic Moustaches

Oct 26th 2010

Unreal HTML

Aug 24th 2010

Shared Security

Jul 27th 2010

Collective Talent

Jun 29th 2010

Ignited Buffalos

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The Bike Shop Cafe, Kelowna BC, Canada

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