March 2013 — March 19th 2013

What is this Neo4j business and why is it so cool? by Brent Luehr

Graph theory, databases, and The Matrix - what do all of these things have in common? Find out the answer when Brent introduces you to the world of neo4j. Databasing doesn't have to be some super complicated, cryptic thing in order to be highly usable or efficient

Hugging tigers and herding house cats (or 13 principles that help creatives overcome fear.) by Shane Austin

From an early age, we humans learn to cope with feelings of fear and uncertainty—in fact, these basic behaviors hardcoded into our genetics. We creatives seem to be particularly prone to self-doubt, losing focus, and generally being a willie-nilly-scaredy-cat when it comes to change. All of these things lead down a dark path to one thing—loss of creative passion. Shane Austin talks about ways we can improve our work by exploring the unknown, learning from failures, sharpening our gut and taking on risks.

The Bike Shop Cafe and Catering Co. has warmly welcomed us back to use their restaurant as a meeting venue. There will be food, beverages and alcohol available throughout the evening.

Date & Location

MAR 19

Tuesday, Mar 19th @ 7:30pm
Venue: The Bike Shop Cafe, Kelowna BC, Canada
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Next Meetup

Tuesday, April 21st @ 6:30pm
The Bike Shop Cafe, Kelowna BC, Canada

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