Fall Update

September 27th, 2010

Quick update with we're OKDG is currently at. We've been quiet over the last month putting a lot of thought into making sure OKDG is best possible experience for you. One thing that has really bothered us is the inconsistency with the location. The last three events (which have all had amazing turnouts, thank you) have been at three separate locations. Part of which is us being picky (not liking the business feel of a typical boardroom) and partly out of our control.

When it comes to monthly social / educational gatherings consistency is key. Consistent dates on the calendar with a consistent location. We decided to hold off on the September event while talked with the community to find a partner. We're hoping to find someone who can supply an awesome location and service in trade of us supplying 30 - 40 professionals who enjoy a good beer and are passionate about seeing the tech industry thrive in the Okanagan.

Our past locations:

  • The Prestige - Really nice people, but our connection to the space has left.
  • The Collective - Unfortunately wasn't for us.
  • The Rotary Art Centre - Great space but no longer available on Tuesdays and at $100 per meetup, It's out of our budget.

As soon as we find a partner you'll be the first to know. We want another meetup as much as you, but we felt rushing into another temporary location wasn't the right decision. That being said, we're taking the positive approach and saying to expect the next meetup to be end of October.

Really appreciate your patience,
The OKDG Crew

Update: Excellent point brought to my attention by @BrentLachman: We have been meeting weekly (announced on Twitter) for #geekbeers. Make sure to follow us to come enjoy a pint. Huge thanks go out to @rlahay, @nickwynja, and @dchymko for consistently pushing for, and attending #geekbeers.

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Next Meetup

Tuesday, April 21st @ 6:30pm
The Bike Shop Cafe, Kelowna BC, Canada

more info & directions

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