The Separative

July 28th, 2010

The entire OKDG crew would like to apologize for the meetup being canceled prematurely last night. We were in talks with The Collective since early June setting up arrangements for last night's event. It wasn't until Monday morning (the day before the meetup) that they brought to our attention they would not have a liquor license (as originally agreed upon) and that there were going to be additional charges to OKDG for renting the space. After a few quick communications they decided to give us the space free of charge in lieu of the liquor license.

As a few of you are aware, shortly after 9pm Chris (one of the partners with The Collective) told a few of the attendees he wanted everyone out of the building. After a failed attempt to communicate with Chris (he shut a door in Dustin's face), enquiring about the sudden request to "get out", we were forced to end the evening abruptly.

It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.
– Warren Buffett

The Collective has failed to return communication with us since the event and thus lost any future business with OKDG.

To everyone who came out to OKDG for the first time: We're sorry, the evening's mishap was out of our control and we'd love for you to come to any future OKDG events. To our return members, thanks for being incredibly patient, good-humoured, and understanding. To everyone who was going to present at the member showcase, we really apologize that your opportunity evaporated and we'll make sure to set up another showcase.

We feel like OKDG and the tech community have lots of room for growth in the Okanagan. Let's put last night's events to the side and focus on continuing to build kick-ass projects.

Thanks for your understanding,
The OKDG Crew

Update: Both Shirlee and Chris from The Collective have appologized for the evening.

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