March 2014 — March 25th 2014

Startup Weekend Okanagan Round-up

Participants of SWOkanagan 2014 will talk about building a whole product/business over a weekend, relating their experience and lessons learned. If you were an attendee, come on out! If you are just SWOkanagan curious, you are welcome too! This can be your chance to learn more about the experience as you decide whether or not to attend next year.

Location: The Bike Shop Cafe and Catering Co. where there will be food, beverages and alcohol available throughout the evening.

Date & Location

MAR 25

Tuesday, Mar 25th @ 8:30pm
Venue: The Bike Shop Cafe, Kelowna BC, Canada
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Next Meetup

Tuesday, April 21st @ 6:30pm
The Bike Shop Cafe, Kelowna BC, Canada

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