April 2014 — April 22nd 2014

Presentations that don't suck by Jadel Menard

Have you ever had to give a presentation? Endure one? Have you ever cringed at text-only slides or puzzled over graphs that made no sense? Steve Jobs saw "PowerPoints" as "rambling and nonsensical" and had them banned internally. But he used visuals for all his keynotes. What made them tolerable, even persuasive? Come find out as Jadel Menard reports backfrom Airshow on lessons learned about the presentations techniques of cinematography and visual storytelling.

User Experience through Iteration and a Support Culture by Mikey Arce

Mikey will share his experiences working on WordPress.com and how their support and iterative culture influence how we view and ultimately create their unique user experience.

About Mikey Arce

Mikey spends his days engineering happiness for the over 70 million users of WordPress.com (not all at once). He works for Automattic, a fully distributed company with over 200 employees located in over 190 cities. Originally from Bolivia, Mikey now makes his home in Vernon with his wife, cat, and very soon a few goats and chickens.

The Bike Shop Cafe and Catering Co. has warmly welcomed us back to use their restaurant as a meeting venue. There will be food, beverages and alcohol available throughout the evening.

Date & Location

APR 22

Tuesday, Apr 22nd @ 7:30pm
Venue: The Bike Shop Cafe, Kelowna BC, Canada
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Next Meetup

Tuesday, April 21st @ 6:30pm
The Bike Shop Cafe, Kelowna BC, Canada

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