Programmatic Moustaches — November 30th 2010

An Evening with Node.js and by Stephen Belanger

Stephen dives into asynchronous programming on a single process server. Watch Stephen explain what Node.js is, how it works, and how you can use it on your next realtime web application.

The Evening

We're looking forward to our second event at the Bike Shop Cafe. Overall consensus last month was that the location was great, having the ability to buy beer was a plus and that it's nice that the company is locally owned an operated.

We're lining up presentations for the evening and will update this page as soon as things have been confirmed. If you're interested in speaking, please Get in touch and we'll figure out what works best for you.

This event also falls on the last day of #Movember (thanks for bringing that to our attention @nickwynja) so we're thinking about way of rewarding the participants. If you'd like to donate something: beer, books, education, or your tech skills to support this great cause please drop us a line.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!
Shane, Derrick and Dustin

Please note the doors open at at 7:30pm and presentations will start at 8:00pm sharp. Please do not show up too early before 7:30pm as we are setting up the room and dealing with facilities.

Date & Location

NOV 30

Tuesday, Nov 30th @ 7:30pm
Venue: The Bike Shop Cafe, Kelowna BC, Canada
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Downloads, Links, & Photos

"Node.js" slide deck (website)

Movember photos by Jayce (website)

Next Meetup

Tuesday, April 21st @ 6:30pm
The Bike Shop Cafe, Kelowna BC, Canada

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Get Involved

There's plenty of ways to get involved. Maybe you'd like to share a topic your passionate about? Maybe you have some topics you want to know more about? Maybe you can get us a discount on beverages? Hook it up


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